Let’s Go Behind the Ballot

Ever wonder ‘How do I run for office? How can I create meaningful change? How do we fight back against entrenched, systemic power? Is change even possible?’ Together we will learn aside one another, pull on the thread of these complex issues and create a community who’s eager to know more.

Are you ready to go further Behind the Ballot?

Claire Campos-O’Neal

Hi y’all! I’m Claire Campos-O’Neal, mother to two young boys, daughter of a first generation Mexican-American, and co-host of Go Behind the Ballot.

Nichole Abshire

Nichole here. 6th generation Texan,–my Memaw would want me to share that–mom to two amazing gender nonconforming kiddos, and wife.

About the Show

Go Behind the Ballot is a podcast that asks questions and seeks answers about our political system. We engage with issue experts, political candidates and officeholders. We walk alongside our listeners who ask questions like….

Co-hosts Claire Campos-O’Neal and Nichole Abshire, two Texan moms who are tired of sitting on the sidelines, invite experts and former candidates on the show to take listeners on an educational journey.