About the Show

Go Behind the Ballot is a podcast that asks questions and seeks answers about our political system. We engage with issue experts, political candidates and officeholders. We walk alongside our listeners who ask questions like ‘Why does our government run this way?’ ‘What can regular folks do to have their voice heard?’ ‘What do our politicians do anyway?’ ‘How do taxes work?’ and ‘Who decides what happens in our schools?’


Co-hosts Claire Campos-O’Neal and Nichole Abshire, two Texan moms who are tired of sitting on the sidelines, invite experts and former candidates on the show to take listeners on an educational journey. The podcast alternates between deep dives into top local issues like public education, healthcare and infrastructure and in-depth interviews with former political candidates.


Claire Campos-O’Neal, a former first-time candidate for the Texas House of Representatives for District 51, encourages former candidates to dish on what it’s really like to run for office.


Nichole Abshire, a political novice, is eager to jump in the ring and demystify the political arena for herself and fellow listeners.

Whether you’re a political junkie or just curious about how this big complicated government works, the podcast strives to be inclusive, entertaining, informative and collaborative. If you want to take the next step and Go Behind the Ballot further, join our online community!