GBTB – DFY Ricardo Martinez | Equality Texas

During the legislative session, Texas legislators filed a staggering 141 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills, solidifying Texas as a leader in proposed discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community. In this episode, Ricardo Martinez, CEO of Equality Texas, the largest LGBTQIA+ advocacy organization in Texas, provides an overview of the 88th Texas Legislature, highlighting both the victories and challenges faced

Ricardo Martinez Of Equality Texas Helps Us Understand The Effects Of The 88th Texas Lege On The LGBTQIA+ CommunityRead More »

GBTB - DFY Emily Eby | 88th Legislative Session

  We invite back one of our favorite election experts, Emily Eby, to explain what happened to voting rights in the 88th legislative session. She kicks off the show highlighting the priorities that rose to the top this session – culture wars and state control. Good news – some positive voting bills made it through!

How’s Our Democracy Looking In Texas After The 88th Legislative Session? Emily Eby From Texas Civil Rights Project Reveals The Good, The Bad And UghRead More »

GBTB - DFY Nancy Thompson | 88th Texas Legislative Session

  What went on during the 88th Texas Legislative Session? Nancy Thompson, the founder of the Political Action Committee (PAC), Mothers Against Greg Abbott, joins us for a conversation to give us the scoop. Nancy walks us through ‘the good, the bad, and the ugh’ of the session. We start with a quick rundown of

‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugh’ Of The 88th Texas Lege: Nancy Thompson From Mothers Against Greg Abbott Gives Us The ScoopRead More »

GBTB - DFY Rachel Cooper | SNAP Benefits

  We’d love your support: Join our Patreon Donate on Stripe Leave us a rating and review wherever you listen Share our podcast with your friends   Attention Mentions: Curtis: Bel-Air TV series on Peacock Rachel: ‘Is It Worth Having Kids?,’ a video from The Economist on Youtube Claire: ‘A New Child Labor Crisis in

What Are SNAP Benefits Anyway? With Rachel Cooper And Curtis Hills From Every TexanRead More »

GBTB – DFY Mando Rayo | Taco Journalism

  Attention Mentions: Mando: Story questing for season 3 of his podcast ‘Tacos of Texas’ has his attention Claire: Maintenance Phase podcast especially the episode titled ‘Doctors Have a New Plan for Fat Kids’ Nichole: ‘What You Want Wants You’ by Suzanne Eder   Ways to find Mando: Instagram: @unitedtacosofamerica Instagram: Podcast: Tacos

Mando Rayo Shares How Taco Journalism Can Change The WorldRead More »

GBTB – DFY Dr. Laurie Green | Hunger In America

  Attention Mentions: Laurie: Hidden Brain podcast from NPR Claire: The Parent Test series on Hulu Nichole: ‘The Whiteness Myth’ episode on the Throughline podcast   Hunger in America documentary from CBS that is referenced:   Dr. Laurie Green is the author of the upcoming book, The Discovery of Hunger in America: A Site of Public

History Of Hunger In America With Dr. Laurie GreenRead More »

GBTB - DFY Celia Cole | Feeding Texas

  What does it mean to be food insecure in Texas? Is that even the right language? What are the underlying causes of food insecurity? We get answers to all of these questions and more in our conversation with Celia Cole, the CEO of Feeding Texas. She explains how the pandemic made food insecurity more

Understanding The Causes Of Hunger In Texas With Celia Cole Of Feeding TexasRead More »

GBTB - DFY Lawson Picasso | Food Insecure

  Attention Mentions Lawson: the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster debacle and especially the use of her lyrics in the Congressional hearing (Lawson’s an unapologetic Swiftie!) Claire: Del Valle Education Foundation (Claire is the president!) working with the Kendra Scott philanthropic arm and seeing the good that can result for families Nichole: Chernobyl on HBO Max along

What’s it Like to be Food Insecure in Texas? Lawson Picasso Shares Her Lived ExperienceRead More »

GBTB – DFY Adam Johnson | Hunger And Poverty

  Attention Mentions Adam: Mozart: The Reign of Love and Beethoven: Anguish and Triumph, two biographies by Jan Swafford Claire: The 1619 Project television series on Hulu Nichole: Ravishing the Heiress by Sherry Thomas   Buckle in. Yes, we secured a conversation with Adam Johnson of the Citations Needed podcast! Brace yourself for a meaty

Framing The Issue Of Hunger And Poverty With Adam Johnson Of The Citations Needed PodcastRead More »