GBTB – DFY Scott White | Abortion In Texas

  When it comes to the topic of abortion, things can get pretty heated because there a lot of sides to it. Should it be legal or illegal? Is it a criminal offense? Is a miscarriage labeled as abortion? There are a lot of questions that you really have to do extensive research. Well today’s

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GBTB - DFY Uriel Garcia | Mexican Border

  Attention Mentions: Uriel: Los Espookys on HBO Max Claire: We’re Here on HBO Max Nichole: A Little Bit Culty Podcast is available on all platforms Uriel Garcia, an immigration reporter for the Texas Tribune, joins us to discuss the Mexican border and immigration. Uriel’s family immigrated from Mexico, which gives him an innate understanding

Immigration And The Border – Does Anyone Actually Want To Solve The Crisis? With Uriel Garcia Of The Texas Tribune (Culture Wars)Read More »

GBTB - DFY Nicole Golden | Gun Safety

  There are over 100 Americans that die each day from gun-related violence. Gun safety is needed more than ever right now in the United States. There need to be some common sense policies that can find a common ground for pro and anti-gun control. This is something Texas Gun Sense, an advocate for preventing

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GBTB - DFY Ash Hall | Texas House Bill 25

  Attention Mentions: Ash: Texas Book Festival Claire: God Forbid on Hulu Nichole: The Problem with Jon Stewart, season 2, episode 1 called ‘The War Over Gender’ We continue our conversation with Ash Hall (they/them) this week and focus on Texas. We learn that House Bill 25 is the only current law on the books

Is Gender Identity Part Of A ‘Woke Agenda’? Ash Hall Educates Us, Part 2 (Culture Wars)Read More »

GBTB – DFU Ash Hall | Gender Identity

  Ash Hall (they/them) walks us through their origin story growing up in the Houston area and how their college years led them to find their political voice. Ash educates us on how the framework entitled ‘gender ideology’ is developed by the right to promote the idea that gender-nonconforming people seek to indoctrinate all people

Is Gender Identity Part Of A ‘Woke Agenda’? Ash Hall Educates Us, Part 1 (Culture Wars)Read More »

GBTB - DFY Mendi Tackett | Christian Nationalism

Attention Mentions: Mendi: The Great British Bake Off; The Crown on Netflix; and Ken Burns’ ‘The U.S. and the Holocaust documentary on PBS   Claire: White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity Book by Robert P. Jones   Nichole: Dancing with the Stars on Disney+   Join us in conversation with Mendi Tackett

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GBTB - DFY Jehmu Green | Age of Disinformation

Attention Mentions: Jehmu: The Peripheral, a sci-fi series on Prime Video Claire: Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga, a documentary series on Netflix Nichole: Love is Blind, Season 3 on Netflix Jehmu’s organization is We Defend Truth at Newsguard at Join us in conversation with Jehmu Greene of We Defend Truth as we

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GBTB - DFY Dr. Michelle Gutierrez Cohen | County Commissioners

Attention Mentions: Michelle: House of the Dragon on HBO Claire: she co-signs the House of the Dragon recommendation! Nichole: Hoard House Flippers on Hulu   Dr. Michelle Gutierrez Cohen shares her experience growing up in Hays County, Texas, and her deep family ties to her community. We learn about her decision to pursue secondary education after

Texas County Commissioners – One Of The Most Important Offices That You May Know Nothing About – Dr. Michelle Gutierrez Cohen Gives Us the Scoop (Elections)Read More »

GBTB Beth Stevens | Elections Administrators

  Attention Mentions: Beth: Eaarth by Bill McKibben and NPR’s Throughline Podcast Claire: The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together by Heather McGhee Nichole: Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Podcast and particularly the episode titled, ‘Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment’ Beth Stevens served as Chief Director of Voting at

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