GBTB - DFY Claire Barnett and Stephanie Phillips | Uncontested Races

  Attention Mentions: Claire Barnett: her oldest daughter is doing incredible musical theater performances Stephanie: studying soil rehabilitation, permaculture and climate issues in whatever format she can find Claire Campos O’Neal: RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars on Paramount Plus Nichole: Beyonce’s Lemonade album Claire Barnett and Stephanie Phillips from Blue Horizon Texas share their similar […]

GBTB – DFY Charlie Bonner | Redistricting And Gerrymandering

  Attention Mentions: Charlie: Jensen McRae’s song “My Ego Does at the End” Claire: Gaslit on Starz Nichole: Woman King movie Go on the journey with us to learn more about redistricting and gerrymandering with voting rights activist Charlie Bonner. It’s a winding road filled with confusing requirements and jargon. However, Charlie explains it well

We Ask Charlie Bonner – Do We Pick Our Politicians Or Do They Pick Us? (Elections)Read More »

GBTB – DFY Emily Eby | Voting Rights In Texas

  Attention Mentions: Emily: Ms. Marvel on Disney+ Claire: Selling the OC on Netflix Nichole: Abbott Elementary on ABC and Hulu The Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) is a group of Texas lawyers and advocates for Texas communities, serving the movement for equality and justice in and out of the courts. Emily Eby, the Senior Election Protection Attorney

Emily Eby of the Texas Civil Rights Project Takes Us Back to School to Learn About the History of Voting Rights in Texas (Elections)Read More »

GBTB – DFY Pam Bixby | Voter Suppression

  Voter suppression is a very real and apparent issue nationwide. What is being done to combat this, and who are the people at the forefront of making voting easier for voters? The League of Women Voters Austin Area (LWVAA) is a nonpartisan grassroots organization that aims to protect and expand voting rights in the

Pam Bixby with the League of Women Voters Explains How Voter Suppression Affects All of Us (Elections)Read More »

GBTB-DFY Chris Tackett | Texas Far Right

  Attention Mentions: Chris: The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy by Philip S. Gorski and Samuel L. Perry Claire: Dopesick on Hulu Nichole: The Bachelorette on ABC and Hulu There’s big money behind the Texas Far Right, and it was Chris Tackett who exposed it. In this

Christopher Tackett Followed The Money And It Led Him To Uncover Two Texas Billionaires Controlling Texas’ Far-Right Political AgendaRead More »

GBTB - DFY | Public Service

Working in public service has its challenges but knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the lives of many is more than rewarding. Joining us today is Rep. James Talarico, the Youngest Member of the Texas House. In this episode, he shares his journey to serving in public office and how his mother served

Rep. James Talarico, the Youngest Member of the Texas House, Reveals the Secret to Public ServiceRead More »

GBTB - DFY Laura Subrin Yeager | Public Education Accountability

Attention Mentions: Laura: The First Lady on Showtime Claire: Now and Then Podcast Nichole: Leave No Trace on Hulu Laura’s organizations:  Laura Subrin Yeager’s experience in policy work dovetailed perfectly into her public education advocacy. She saw an issue in her son’s diminishing love of learning and pulled the thread to understand

Education: Laura Subrin Yeager Enlightens Us On The History Of Public Education Accountability And Lights A Fire For How To Make The System Accountable To UsRead More »

GBTB – DFY | Dr. Annette Tielle | Education

Attention Mentions: Dr. Annette Tielle: Touring through new campuses has her attention Claire: Stitcher, the podcast app (she’s obsessed!) Nichole: Lifetime movies that have been uploaded to YouTube so she can safely have some melodrama in her life Go behind the ballot with us as we have an enlightening conversation with Dr. Annette Tielle, the

Education: Dr. Annette Tielle Explains The Many Hats Superintendents Wear, Why Reading Is Fundamental And How Schools Build CommunityRead More »

GBTB - DFY Patti Everitt | Rise Of Charter Schools

Attention Mentions: Patti Everitt: she’s really paying attention to the importance of teachers Claire: Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-wives Edition on Bravo and Peacock Nichole: Fair Play, a documentary on Apple+ Go behind the ballot with us for this information-packed episode with Patti Everitt who knows all things charter schools. She has dedicated so

Education: Patti Everitt Sheds Light On The Rise Of Charter Schools In Texas, Their Impact On The Public Education Budget, And What Parents Need To KnowRead More »

GBTB - DFY | State Board Of Education

Attention Mentions: Dr. Audrey Young: The Land of Oz theme park in Beech Mountain, NC Claire: The Ivana Trump Story on Hulu Nichole: Law and Order SVU on Peacock Go behind the ballot with us as we learn from Dr. Audrey Young who serves in District 8 on the Texas State Board of Education. She

Education: Dr. Audrey Young On The State Board Of Education, What It Means To Serve At A Local And State Level, And Why We Need Teamwork To Improve Public EducationRead More »