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We wanted a space where you can interact with us and each other–our own Go Behind the Ballot democracy! A space where we can share information, stories, calls to action, ideas, and hopefully even friendship.


If you have found our podcast, you must be curious about politics (and a touch of religion) talk! We are going to add one more ‘taboo’ topic to the conversational mix – money. Ah money.


Much like a campaign, a podcast cannot survive without money. Little did we know that when we started a relatively affordable endeavor that items add up – podcast production, podcast hosting, webhosting, zoom accounts, email accounts and more!


Our online community uses a pay-what-you-can model. We know that for some, $20 or even $100 a month is not a big deal and for others it is. Pay what you can according to the value you see here. We welcome you however we can have you!


Unsure for now? No problem. Think it over. Take your time. Lurk. Linger. We are so grateful you found us and we are happy to stay in touch through our email newsletter, social media and contact page.

And if you just like the podcast and want to throw us a few bucks to help the show grow, hit up the tip jar.

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- Claire & Nichole