GBTB – DFY Mando Rayo | Taco Journalism

  Attention Mentions: Mando: Story questing for season 3 of his podcast ‘Tacos of Texas’ has his attention Claire: Maintenance Phase podcast especially the episode titled ‘Doctors Have a New Plan for Fat Kids’ Nichole: ‘What You Want Wants You’ by Suzanne Eder   Ways to find Mando: Instagram: @unitedtacosofamerica Instagram: Podcast: Tacos […]

GBTB - DFY | Public Service

Working in public service has its challenges but knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the lives of many is more than rewarding. Joining us today is Rep. James Talarico, the Youngest Member of the Texas House. In this episode, he shares his journey to serving in public office and how his mother served

Rep. James Talarico, the Youngest Member of the Texas House, Reveals the Secret to Public ServiceRead More »

GBTB – DFY | Dr. Annette Tielle | Education

Attention Mentions: Dr. Annette Tielle: Touring through new campuses has her attention Claire: Stitcher, the podcast app (she’s obsessed!) Nichole: Lifetime movies that have been uploaded to YouTube so she can safely have some melodrama in her life Go behind the ballot with us as we have an enlightening conversation with Dr. Annette Tielle, the

Education: Dr. Annette Tielle Explains The Many Hats Superintendents Wear, Why Reading Is Fundamental And How Schools Build CommunityRead More »